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Gluten Free Everyday Eats: Day 4

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Today was a mellow day.  We had our 4th of July party/fireworks/fandango yesterday.  Today we ran errands and hung out with the girls.  Trust me… they needed it!  The little beasties darlings were sleep-deprived from our festivities yesterday. :D

Since we were at home all together, the usual request of pancakes came about.  After which we went to the Farmer’s Market and completed a few other errands.  I didn’t eat much today – I was honestly not very hungry and then after breakfast of pancakes?  Yeah… I was done until dinner at 6:30.  (Save for water and coffee.)

All of the international readers should probably NOT look here for tips on what a Gluten Free Fourth of July (Independence Day) meal would look like.  :D  But do check here.  My dinner was at that party.



Breakfast:  Gluten Free pancakes (almond and vanilla), watermelon, apple, water and coffee.

GF Everyday Eats Day 4 Breakfast


Lunch:  Skipped.  (We ate breakfast late – 9:30-10:00)  I had a water while we shopped at the Farmer’s Market.

Snack:  Fresh peach from the Farmer’s Market.  YUM!  I love summer if only for the fruit.  Can’t wait until the blueberries show up!

GF Everyday Eats - Day 4

Dinner:  Delivery!  Gluten Free Pizza – Sausage.  Water.

GF Everyday Eats:  Dinner Day 4

Many of you may have been out at BBQs or family parties…. or whatnot.  What did you eat today?  How did you manage the schedule/planning?

Happy 4th, everyone!

PS.  If you are planning a BBQ, years ago I invited my fellow bloggers to complete an Alphabetical BBQ of Gluten Free Food offerings.  Check out this post for their ides/recipe links.

Gluten Free Everyday Eats: Day 3

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Today was busy (probably MUCH too busy if you can judge it based on the fact that it is 11PM, my kids have *just* gotten home and put to bed and they have been in meltdown mode for about an hour….).  We got up early, went to the water park, ate lunch (out), ran errands (out), took a short nap (45 minutes), then off to eat dinner (out) and watch fireworks (out).  Yeap.  I’m fried.

And honestly, I’m ready to pack it in myself.  Thank goodness the whole house can sleep in tomorrow (or at least until 6:30AM!).


Here goes Day 3.

Breakfast:  Cheese-free “quesadilla”.  (Okay… it was a version of peanut butter toast.  LOL)  Apple slices.  Coffee.

Peanut Butter "quesadilla" and apple slices

Lunch:  (Out)  Wedge salad with Green Goddess Dressing, bacon and pine nuts.  (Not pictured:  overly salty 3 ounes of blackened sirloin which arrived late).  Water to drink.  (Also not pictured:  My fro-yo dessert treat:  vanilla frozen yogurt)

Wedge Salad

Dinner:  Chicken “fajita” mix (no tortilla, just chips), fruit, veggies, etc.  Water to drink.  (I put the rice/beans on my plate…but didn’t end up eating them.  Too much food!)



Over all – too much food out of the house makes me feel sluggish.  I’m terrible at portions when eating out.  I’m not so great at home.. but eating out?  Blech.  Worse.  I’m looking forward to a light food day tomorrow.  And lots of water.  I’m feeling like I need to drink more!

-What have you been eating?  I love reading the comments here, seeing the photos on Flickr, hearing your reports/comments via posts and messages on Facebook, getting feedback via email, etc.  Thank you for that.  Let’s keep it going!

Happy 4th of July All - 

Gluten Free Everyday Eats: Day 2

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GF Everyday Eats Day 2

Day 2

(If you are wondering what is going on… please read this post.)



Man!  I was busy today – just running around with the girls.  In fact, I was so wiped out, I fell asleep putting them to bed.  (Surely I am not the only mom who does this, right?)  :D

Here are my meals for the day:

Breakfast:  Rudi’s tortilla’s with egg, sea salt and cracked pepper (cooked egg on top of tortilla in a pan, top like a quesadilla, flip), some cherries and coffee

Breakfast - Day 2



Lunch:  A lunch pizza (Glutino crust (thawed), in a pan topped with fresh garlic oil, a couple slices of turkey, egg, and feta cheese = baked then topped with seaweed (sesame seaweed).  Served with cantaloupe.  (PS.  While my husband wrinkled his nose at the mere thought of seaweed on my pizza, he had no trouble eating 2 slices.  LOL)  Water to drink.

GF Everyday Eats Lunch, Day 2


Dinner:  Rosemary-oil grilled chicken, honey & thyme quinoa, fresh spinach salad with homemade strawberry-balsamic dressing and watermelon.  Water to drink.  

Dinner day 2


Tomorrow will be interesting to see what I end up eating.  My post will be late.  Not only do we have a morning playdate out of the house (with lunch, most likely, on the go as well) but we are going to a friend’s house for a 4th of July Fireworks buffet.  I’m sure I will eat more than my share, but yes, it will be challenging.  And yet, it is totally doable.  Just wait and see.

And you?  What did you eat today?

Hasta mañana – and until then – Happy Gluten Free Eats, everyone!