Dear Santa

  Chocolate a la española/Spanish Hot Chocolate Photo by Kate Chan A tidbit off my facebook posting just to help you get the context for my chocolate craving: Dear Santa – Please forgive my little imp’s exclamation of “Oh, shit!” when the gas fireplace burst to life the other day. And, well, her “What the […]

Gluten Free Pumpkin Fries

Tomorrow shall be a BIG adventure for our little one.  We are off to a pumpkin farm with her Aunt Kari.  Pumpkins are a big theme around here. I’m not sure that Zoe will actually let me cut into the pumpkin she picks out to make a Jack-O-Latern with her.  She won’t let me touch […]

GF:Blueberry-Apricot Oat Bars

GF:Blueberry-Apricot Oat Bars, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. A gentle GF warning: Your gluten-eating friends will clean you out of these addicting bars when you take them to share to summer BBQs and parties this year. Just prepare yourself by maybe placing a few gluten-free slices on a separate plate before the gluten-grubbers dig in […]

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