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Gluten Free Everyday Eats – Day 23

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So today I was at least with it enough to take pictures.  My lunch today was the same kind of thing as yesterday – grits/polenta made in the rice cooker while we were out today.  Unfortunately, today they came out a bit lumpier than yesterday.  Giving it a good mix and stir for a while broke up most of the lumps, but not all.  Ah well, good thing it was just food for me and not for guests. 😀


Breakfast: a banana and a glass of water on the way out the door.


Lunch:  rice-cooker grits with some leftover Italian turkey sausage.  Water to drink.

day 23 lunch

Dinner:  Baked eggplant (I ate eggplant!!), shredded romaine lettuce and a half of a grilled chicken breast.  Dressing:  fig balsamic vinegar and a splash of olive oil.  

day 23 dinner


I’ve only eaten eggplant a few times before.  Mainly when we hosted an exchange student from Turkey.  She will agree with me when I say:  she can NOT cook.  Ha!  Sadly, she was also my main eat-eggplant pusher and it kind of turned me off for a while.  I made these baked eggplant pieces by peeling it, slicing them (1/2 inch or so), dredging them in seasoned flour, then egg wash, and finally tossed in seasoned gluten free bread crumbs.  It was tasty!  Thank goodness for loaves of bread that I can’t finish.  They make great bread crumbs.  😀

Enjoy you Wednesday!

Gluten Free Everyday Eats – Day 19

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Day 19 lunch

So these two posts (Day 19 and 20) are late.  Sorry about that.  I had a doozy of an ending to the week.  😀  Not only did this website get “attacked”  (really, people?  Nothing better to do??  B!) but on Saturday morning, I had the joy of fishing my cell phone out of a full cup of coffee.  Oh yes, technology + me has not been working.

On Friday – Day 19 – we took the kids to see Despicable Me 2.  Our littlest one was unimpressed but the biggest child is completely baffled by the fact that someone would give all the minions shots to make them “meanies”.  It has been rattling around in her head since the movie let out and she is filled with questions.  I think it’s the only movie she’s seen that she has announced that she doesn’t want to see again.  I wonder if her sense of reality and imagination are colliding?  

Missing from my pictures from Friday is the box of junior mints and water that I had while watching the movie.  Something about snapping a photo with my cell phone in a dark theater did NOT seem like a plan – even BEFORE the movie started (as we shut our phones off during the film…unlike the man in front of me….grrrr).  I will leave the idea of a chocolate treat to your imaginations.  😀


Breakfast:  water.  I woke up late and wasn’t hungry.

Lunch: Cucumber slices (for my sandwich) with a dab of cream cheese and roasted chicken.  I could not get this out of my head!  I had a friend over with her son for a playdate – she had a piece of my “sandwich” and was hooked too.  YUM!  NOT pictured:  a half of a peach and water.

Day 19 lunch


Dinner:  Teriyaki Chicken and veggies/rice.  Here’s my recipe for teriyaki sauce that is delicious and easy to make!  I make a batch of this and then put it in the fridge for 7-10 days to use.  When I’m really organized, I make a larger batch and “can” some of it for longer storage.  

Day 19 dinner


Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Gluten Free Everyday Eats: Day 18

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Day 18 lunch

Today we were up and out of the house early!  (Well…early for summer when I am not teaching.)  I had a doctor appointment. We had to run to Costco and then another stop…and home.  Breakfast was on the run.  I had to get the kids up and out of the house much earlier than they had to be in the most recent days.  By the time I got them fed and their snack packed, we had to go!  So breakfast?  Yeah.  That was more like a large cup of coffee. 😀

What do you do for breakfast to go when you are late?  

Do you have two different breakfast plans?  

I do!  One for quick-grab and go breakfasts and the others for more leisurely mornings.   During the school year, I have a list of things that I tend to grab for breakfast.  I honestly am not a breakfast kind of person at 5:00AM – so I tend to take something I can eat at my desk at 7:00AM when I get to work.  As for the weekends or later mornings?  This is the list of breakfast foods I like.

Today…I kind of blew it on all breakfast fronts.  😀  




Breakfast:  Water and a cup of coffee on the go.  

Snack:  Gluten free beef jerky and a glass of water.  NOT PICTURED:  handfuls of raspberries and a couple of strawberries from my Costco run. 😀

Gluten Free Everday Eats:  Day 18

Lunch:  Seriously, I am eating this tomorrow.  Don’t be annoyed with the repetitive meal plan but MAN this was tasty!  I had roasted chicken with a tiny dab (seriously – a little bit!) of cream cheese between two cucumber slices.  The huge red grapes hit the spot too.  Water to drink.

Day 18 lunch


Dinner:  I had a huge salad, a 1/2 cup of steamed sticky rice and 1 grilled chicken thigh (not pictured).  Water to drink. 

Day 18 dinner

Are you getting sick of my meals yet?
Got any  inspiration for me?

Day 18 feature

This was taken during my favorite part of the day.  Well…second favorite.  I loved watching my imps play with their doll house for over an hour together.

Happy GF Days, All –