GF Lazy Lasagna

GF Lazy Lasagna, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Not the best photo – but really? This was THE BEST lasagna! YUM! I am completely spoiled by My Love who truly is the best cook in the house.  I LOVE cooking and baking, but he has the talents.  I putter and produce tasty things… he putters […]

A gluten free, simple fig chutney

GF:Simple Fig Chutney, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Sometimes the easiest recipes yield the best results. The other day I found fresh figs in our market. It seemed kind of strange to me that I found them as i had seen figs in the late summer and October… but heck – who was I to […]

GF: Chinese Chicken & Corn Chowder

GF: Chinese Chicken & Corn Chowder, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Somethings happen more quickly than anticipated. Like the dinner hour approaching on a school/work night. Seriously. I never knew how fast one hour could fly until now. Life is so much fun with the Chicklet that I quickly lose track of food plans and […]

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