GF Tortilla Soup

GF Tortilla Soup, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Sorry for the blogging lags, everyone. I really do have things to share… just not a lot of computer time to share them! And forgive the photo… it was taking without much broth so you could see the ingredients and with a HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPO begging for […]

Gluten Free Skillet Pasta

Gluten Free Skillet Pasta, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Oh, I’m tired. Yes, this little girl is quite the wiggly worm – I love it! But, yes, I am tired. Thankfully, her dad has been able to stay home with us for these first few weeks. I’m so happy he did, too! Not only has […]

Chipotle London Broil

  Chipotle London Broil, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Okay – has it really been THAT long since I posted? GOOD GRIEF! The last two weeks of February just about did me in. Between having the flu and waiting for word on the Chicklet’s arrival, I think all of my brain cells were on vacation. […]

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