A little critter came by…

A little critter came by…, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. …and decided not to say “hi”. Related PostsWordless Wednesday Wordless Wednesday Wordless Wednesday Wordless Wednesday

Gluten Free: Breakfast on the go

Oh, breakfast.  Why do you have to come so early in the day?  I’m not a fan of eating in the morning.  However, I know that I should eat something to kick off the day.  After getting moving in the gym, I’ve noticed that eating a bit of something really does help.  Now I pack […]

GF Menu Swap & Meal Plan Monday 9-22 through 9-26

We have a wickedly busy week ahead of us.  This week boasts for three gym nights, two evenings of meetings until 6PM and “Open House” at school.  Of all my ‘extra curricular’ activities, the “Open House” freaks me out the most.  Oh MAN, do I get nervous speaking in front of adults!  Ah well, every […]

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