Gluten-Free Staples: What do you have in your cupboards?

(Click on the picture to learn more about it (see info) and learn what is NOT pictured but on hand.) I think we can all agree that learning about Gluten-free living is *definitely* a gradual process. While “giving up gluten’ can be instantaneous, it is a huge process to get back in the kitchen with […]

A shout out to Shauna

So… I am still home sick. Apparently when I want to get sick, I’m going to do it well and get it ALL!!! Wahoo! (Not really though.) This morning I opened my work email only to discover 68 unread messages (OMG OMG OMG) and as I began to plow through them with as many responses […]

GF: Plantain Empanadas with Queso Fresco

Oh… sometimes you just have to try a new recipe. And… well.. sometimes you make it once, take a picture for your blog, and then spend the next week dreaming about the next time you get to make it. It was that tasty. Next time, I think I’ll try baking these empanadas – but dang… […]

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