Gluten Free Rainbow Enchiladas

Seriously.  This is why my posts have dropped in quantity.  I truly think all of us cook like this, so it feels awkward to post this but here goes nothing.  Maybe someone hasn’t made an enchilada before?  Maybe you are stuck in a rut (like I usually am…lol) making the same-old-same-old meals day in and […]

GF: Plantain Empanadas with Queso Fresco

Oh… sometimes you just have to try a new recipe. And… well.. sometimes you make it once, take a picture for your blog, and then spend the next week dreaming about the next time you get to make it. It was that tasty. Next time, I think I’ll try baking these empanadas – but dang… […]

Gluten-Free Grilled Pork Loin and Sweet Potatoes

GF – grilled pork loin and grilled sweet potatoes Today I had a little time. After my PT session mellowed out every muscle, I was able to relax a bit and plan a great relaxing dinner for my love. One quick stop at the market and I was ready to go. Since I knew I […]

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