UPDATE: New Product: Mike’s *LITE* Hard Lemonade

MAY 18, 2011 IMPORTANT:  READ UPDATE ON THE BOTTOM OF THE POST. I AM NO LONGER RECOMMENDING THIS BEVERAGE AS GF.  BUT PLEASE make your OWN CHOICE. I had a reaction, thus the withdrawal of my recommendation. SEE UPDATE/EDIT BELOW. ————EDITED TO ADD—————– So there are quite a few questions about Mike’s via email already. […]

Congratulations! and other tidbits

First, let me just say Congratulations!!! to the Safeway Gift Card Winners:  Cara and Kim.  (Names were chosen using random.org)  I will be sending both of you a $25.00 gift card for groceries (GROCERIES!  I LOVE that!) to you this week.  You can use your gift card in any of the Safeway stores for gas […]

Time for bed?

Beets, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Just finished unpacking groceries, putting the toddler to bed after her bath, cleaning up from dinner, getting the Newbie into a restful state… and started making formula. And I find myself daydreaming about the upcoming tasty roasted beets for lunch with the Chicklet. (She and I have yummy easy […]

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