Happy Birthday, Baby!

Two! Two! Two!, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Today you are two! You’ve been our baby since our dreams collided and brought you home. You are an absolute joy and you make us happy everyday. May each year of life bring you happiness, adventure, good health, great friends, and time to love it all. We […]


Soon-To-Be, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Sometimes miracles just keep happening. It’s a miracle to me that the Chicklet is ours. The hoops, hurdles, and tons of love that have surrounded her in her short little lifetime and have brought her safely in to our arms is a story that will be thought about and […]

Thank you, Starbucks…..

Thank you, Starbucks….., originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Okay…so this morning I stopped at Starbucks for the first time in a LONG time. (I’m actually laying off the caffeine for a while… I’ll explain later.) The drive-thru line was much too long for me as I was running late but the store itself was pretty […]

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