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Happy Birthday, Baby!

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Two! Two! Two!, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Today you are two!

You’ve been our baby since our dreams collided and brought you home.

You are an absolute joy and you make us happy everyday.

May each year of life bring you happiness, adventure, good health, great friends, and time to love it all.

We adore you, our child!
Mama and Baba


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Soon-To-Be, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Sometimes miracles just keep happening.

It’s a miracle to me that the Chicklet is ours. The hoops, hurdles, and tons of love that have surrounded her in her short little lifetime and have brought her safely in to our arms is a story that will be thought about and prayed for every day of our lives.

She. Is. Perfect.

And then one day last October, my husband and I started to talk about how she would be such a great big sister to someone… such a great aunt!.. such a wonderful life companion for anyone lucky enough to have her. And how we knew that being an aunt or a sibling was out of the question.

We’d tried for almost 10 years to have a child. Adoption was *always* part of our plan – not our “solution” to not being able to have biological children. We spoke on our first day about adoption. (I know… not a common first date topic.. but when you know, you know.) At the time, my husband had work for Child Protective Services and I was an inner-city elementary school teacher. We knew the need to adoptive families was there. We weren’t ready to be that family just yet, but we both knew that we would adopt – God willing – someday.

And then in November, I started to feel sick. And it wasn’t typical sick. It was… different.

The night before waking so ill, I had laid in bed and watched my Love and the Chicklet cuddled in to one another and snoring softly together. I could NOT believe how perfect and blessed my life had become. I have a lot of moments like that. (I hope you all do as well.)

The next morning, while my Love was brushing his teeth, I asked. “Hey honey, what if I don’t have the stomach flu…….what if I’m pregnant?”

I thought he was going to choked on his toothpaste. His shocked face mirrored my shocked thought process. I really didn’t know. He didn’t know.

Huh. What if?

And miracles do just keep happening!
I AM pregnant!!!!!!!

The mere words bring tears to my eyes today whereas before they were words that I didn’t think would tumble out of my mouth again.

So sometime in July, our little wish that the Chicklet grow up as someone’s big sister will come true.

And we will soon be a Family of Four.

The miracles of life!

May many happy small – and large – miracles come to you and yours as well!

Thank you, Starbucks…..

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Thank you, Starbucks….., originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Okay…so this morning I stopped at Starbucks for the first time in a LONG time. (I’m actually laying off the caffeine for a while… I’ll explain later.) The drive-thru line was much too long for me as I was running late but the store itself was pretty barren. I decided to run in.

AND BOY-HOWDY, am I glad I did!

Oh my goodness! Waiting there in the middle of the store was a table FILLED with GLUTEN FREE bonanza goodies! I found “Peeled Snacks” (I got the cherry and the apple) which are just natural, dried fruits with nothing added. I found Kind Bars (which to be honest, I’m not a big eater of these as they taste like candy bars to me… but heck! I was THRILLED to see the gluten free offering!). And, I found my new addiction: Lucy’s Cinnamon Thin Cookies.


These babies are GOOD.


I’m thrilled to have a great range of goodies to choose from the next time my girlfriends want to connect for coffee after work.

So, thank you, Starbucks! You made my day. And now my desk drawer is stuffed with dried fruits, almonds and yummy treats for moments o’chopping in my future!

Please let me know if you guys find these products nationwide, too!
I’d love to know if I can pick them up when I head to Chicago or Arizona to see family too!