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I love the fiiiiiiiiiiiissssssshhhh!

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Okay people… I just had to do it. I had to show you this girl-hair-challenge-mom’s photo of her two loves enjoying the fish at the Seattle Aquarium. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard at an aquarium in my life – OH, how the Chicklet LOVED it! We spent our Moon Festival weekend out and about in Seattle and boy, did we have fun.

I have a couple of posts in the works – Wild Rice with Wild Mushrooms, etc and a few baking ones too. This week I chatted away on the phone while making Pumpkin-Apple muffins and completely forgot to add the baking powder or baking soda. Umm… yea. I made some unbelievably delicious Pumpkin-Apple blobs, though. LOL. Once these are gone, I’ll make a “real” batch with ALL of the ingredients and take some pictures for you.

I’m working on a list of easy-peasy school night dinners that we’ve been getting together too. So far, we are back to menu planning – saving money, time and hunger meltdowns (mine… not the Chicklet’s), etc. It’s been fun to develop the menu ideas with my Love who truly is the better cook between the two of us. I just enjoy it more. See? There is a reason why we commit to our partners after all! (KIDDING!)

Okay… I’m off to pick up Zoe. I can’t even describe how much I miss her during the day sometimes. Leaving work to go pick her up is almost as adrenaline pumping as seeing her. It means I know I only have a few short miles to drive before she will crawl up in to my arms and say “Ooooooooooooooooooomma!!” (or “Mama”) with glee.

Oh! I love them so!

Happy mid-week – sorry I missed the Wednesday photo post… but here she is. (Bad pigtails and all!)

And… hey… if you have any “Girl-Hair” tips, feel free to leave them in the comments. My poor child is growing up with a Girl-Hair-Challenged mom. It’s sad! :)


Bah… starting over ….

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This week an absurb heat wave melted my brain, took away my sanity and forced us to seek shelter in a local hotel.  Really .  Our house was so hot, neither the Chicklet nor I were sane by the time my sweet Love returned from work.  The following morning, I checked in to a hotel.  Our first move at the hotel?  Crack the air conditioner to artic blast and ooohhh-ahhhh at the frosty cool air that blew in our faces.  Oh yea, the Chicklet is an air-conditioning lover too.

Sadly, upon returning home and setting up for some serious make up blog posting… I realized that the heat wave did more than ruin our budget… but my recipe notebook/spiral was toast.  A goner.  In the garbage….. and dead.  All before I could copy back the recipes I used.  The one I think I will miss the most is for these fabulous green onion pancakes.

GF:  Green Onion Pancakes

If you’ve never had a scallion pancake, then you don’t know what you missed out on.  But these faux-scallion pancakes were OMG-delicious.  Even the babe was at my feet hovering for bites as I cooked these individually.

Munching on GF Green Onion Pancakes

Losing that notebook means I also lost my notes for:

some seriously chow-friendly and budget-friendly taco salad mixings

GF Taco Salad Mix

delicious gluten-free zuchini breakfast pancakes

GF:  Zuchini pancakes

wickedly finger-licking gluten-free beer braised lamb shanks

Gluten Free Beer-braised lamb shank with carrots

and one rendition of my go-to salmon chowder recipe.

Mommy Meal:  Salmon Chowder Lunch (Gluten free, of course)

Ah, well.  Guess it’s time to start over with a new notebook, huh?  And the imp?  She’s happy to begin her taste-testing follies all over again, I’m sure.

I would talk...but my mouth is full of zuchini pancake.

Forgive my absence.  I’ll be back again shortly with more recipes… and another lunch-idea list because now I’m packing for THREE!  A regular, A GF Lite and a Kidlet version to boot!

~Happy Heat Wave, All!

The loss of a loyal friend

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Max riding in the car, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Our sweet and loving first ‘baby” has passed away. At the young age of seven, Max became suddenly ill and there was nothing we could do to save him.

Our loyal, intelligent and comfort-loving pup will be sorely missed.

Thus the absence of posts as of late.

Life just isn’t the same without the happy greetings with toys at the doors, snacking underfoot while cooking and lounging in the sunshine.

It’s going to be a bit of an adjustment for us. We moved in to our first house (this one) and two weeks later, Max came to live with us too. We’d only been married a short while and it was our first chance to have a friend like Max. We enjoyed FlyBall, agility classes, bringing him to work/school, and having an all-around companion for life. He loved Zoe, and would run with us when he would hear her cries through the baby monitor.

Oh! He is missed!!!