A shout out to Shauna

So… I am still home sick. Apparently when I want to get sick, I’m going to do it well and get it ALL!!! Wahoo! (Not really though.) This morning I opened my work email only to discover 68 unread messages (OMG OMG OMG) and as I began to plow through them with as many responses […]

GF: Sweet Potato & Ginger Muffins

Oh, how I love sweet potatoes. Apparently, I love them so much that when I made sweet potatoes (cut up with brown sugar and butter) for dinner last night, I made enough for a family of six. There are only two of us. Yeap. We have leftovers, that’s for sure! But that just brings me […]

A Meme for Moi?

Tagged!  I’m it!  Okay.. I’m not “it”-it, but I’m *it* for the moment.  Before I pass it on. There has been a GF Blogger tag going for a while now.  I was tagged by GlutenfreeOrganics, aka Jean.  To be honest, I’m a bit intimidated by this whole thing.  Eight random facts?  What in the world […]

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