Gluten Free Chocolate Chip & Tahini Cookies

GF:  Chocolate Chip & Tahini Cookies, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. MMM! So life is exciting around here.  Sorry for the lack of posts, but my body just hasn’t had the energy I’ve needed to keep up with working full-time, grading papers at night, playing with my Chicklet/toddler and managing a household of illnesses in […]

A slightly more decadent Calas: Cocoa Calas

A Slightly More Decadent Calas: Cocoa Calas, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. So the Chicklet has been home with a bit of a toddler-style, No-Day-Care allowed cold for the first couple days this week. I didn’t realize how tired *I* was until I decided to follow HER sleep schedule these few days at home. BOY! […]

Thank you, Starbucks…..

Thank you, Starbucks….., originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Okay…so this morning I stopped at Starbucks for the first time in a LONG time. (I’m actually laying off the caffeine for a while… I’ll explain later.) The drive-thru line was much too long for me as I was running late but the store itself was pretty […]

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