Gluten Free Rainbow Enchiladas

Seriously.  This is why my posts have dropped in quantity.  I truly think all of us cook like this, so it feels awkward to post this but here goes nothing.  Maybe someone hasn’t made an enchilada before?  Maybe you are stuck in a rut (like I usually am…lol) making the same-old-same-old meals day in and […]

Gluten Free Chinese Scallion Pancakes

Oh my. I warn you.  This recipe is dangerous.  As in – definitely need oil/fats and holy cow…you will NOT be able to eat just one.  At least not if you are like me. Traditional scallion pancakes are layered with scallions and sesame oil.  This layered makes for a flakier pancake and delicious seasoning throughout. […]

Six Reasons Why: Just because it’s Gluten Free, doesn’t mean I have to eat it. Right?

So yes, this IS a “loaf” of polenta.  And it was EASY to make.  In fact, I made the polenta and as it cooled, I cooked some pork chops, asparagus and sliced up some fruit.  Then I even whipped up some gravy with the pork bits in the pan (and sweet rice flour/butter/chicken stock – […]

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