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Little Bunny Foo-Foo

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Little Bunny Foo-Foo, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Okay… seriously now.
If the Chicklet doesn’t show up for Easter… what am I to do with this cute little thing?

(Admittedly, it’s dang cute… and certainly NOT just an Easter coat… but that is what I thought of when I first saw it.)

Yes, you guessed right. Sad news on the Chicklet front. We are STILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL waiting for the South Korean government to issue her emigration permit and passport.

I honestly think that this wait *might* just kill me (or at least make ALL of my hair turn gray… that’s happening QUICKLY.)

Here are the phrases/idioms that I no longer believe to be true after this arduous, painful wait:

  • No news is good news. (HARDLY!)
  • Everything that doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. (*Undecided on this one.)
  • “patience of a Saint”. (Umm, not so much… more like the patience and anxiety of a crazy person. That crazy person being ME!)
  •  Patience is a virtue. (See #3. And NOTE: Patience = HELL. :) )
  • “This is a growth experience.” (Yes, for my waistline. I’ve now purchase potato chips THREE TIMES for the first time in NINE MONTHS!)
  • When God closes one door, s/he always opens a window. (NOTE: I have NOT found the window yet. If you know where it is, please feel free to draw me a map to it’s location. Thank you)

Pardon my sass.
It’s my fuel lately.

Got any more idioms I can take my sassiness out on?  
Please feel free to share.
Stupid word games are the only things keeping me sane at the moment.