It’s a …..

We got our referral this week! (Referral = baby match) And it’s a girl! (For privacy reasons, we aren’t posting her picture….but I will post one when she arrives home, I promise.) Everything is happening much faster than even our social worker predicted.  We had just finished our home study on September 27 and had […]

Gluten Free.. and dreaming….

“Up at the Lake” – Photo by my sister, Kari It’s hard to stay grounded when life is swirling around. I’m incredibly busy at work – already swamped with paperwork, phone calls, planning, etc – but my mind isn’t really in the game here. Last Saturday we had our last home study session for the […]

Building a Family

Many of you read my blogger-buddies blogs too. (Steve and Ginger) They are two of the most kind-hearted people I will truly ever have the gracious luck of knowing. They have encouraged me to tell a little of this story here (I’m a little shy, believe it or not.). So, I’m not only going to […]

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