Gluten Free Ratio Rally: Chocolate Chip Mocha Quick Bread

It’s on again!  The Gluten Free Ratio Rally – baking gluten-free using ratios….  and it SO works!  The inaugural rally posts were focused on pancakes. This time around we are tackling quick breads or muffins.  Both of which are basically the same recipe, just different baking times.  Personally, I’m a fan of the loaf method. […]

GF: Sorghum-Flax Bread – Make it three ways!

I think I am a finicky bread eater. Not because it’s gluten free bread. Nope, but because I like to make it and experiment with ways to change up a recipe. I like using the ingredients I have on hand and changing them up to see what else I can do. (And yes, I’m like […]

Gluten-Free: Sun-dried Tomato Sandwich Bread

On Sunday afternoon, I made this great sandwich bread. I tend to make bread on Sundays so that I can have sandwiches for lunch the first few days of the week. It makes for an easy lunch to pack and quite honestly, I really enjoy a good sandwich. Maybe that is what I missed the […]

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