Is soy sauce “safe” for people with Celiac?

Just recently my husband and I were talking about soy sauce.  I know, it’s not your typical lovey-dovey conversation, but really – who has those everyday and/or posts them on their blogs?    But in all honesty, our discussion has often bounced back to soy sauce in regard to Celiac/Gluten Free diet. You see, the […]

GF Joe’s – A new local Gluten Free Market

GF Joe’s, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Click here to see this photo on a map. Shop with reckless abandon, but retrain your brain a bit too. Gone are the days of buying the three remaining boxes of your goodies on the grocer shelves out of fear of never seeing it appear there again. Yeap, […]

Gluten Free Homemade Croissants!

Dear reader or fellow gluten-free lifestyler, Do you know what I ate two nights ago for the first time in eight years? Something so delicious and delectable that I practically made myself ill because I couldn’t resist and I ate THREE of them! I’m talking about homemade gluten-free chocolate-filled Croissants. Yeap. Catch you breath. I […]

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