Gluten Free Grasshopper Cupcakes: Mint-Chocolate & Chocolate Chip

A couple months ago, a colleague brought me some small gluten free cupcakes from a local bakery.  They were “grasshopper” cupcakes, she told me.  I was curious.  She handed me the box and smiled.  Said because they were gluten free, she snapped them up as she “knew someone” who could enjoy them.  I’m the lucky […]

GF: Fabulous, Quick Brownies

Quick, easy and delicious:  GF Brownies. Photo by Kate Chan. The holidays are over (but my tree is still up until Saturday). My parents have left  (leaving my Chicklet at a loss for her beloved Grammy and Grampy). My work?  Still not done, but at least the pile is neater well… still visible and now […]

Dear Santa

  Chocolate a la española/Spanish Hot Chocolate Photo by Kate Chan A tidbit off my facebook posting just to help you get the context for my chocolate craving: Dear Santa – Please forgive my little imp’s exclamation of “Oh, shit!” when the gas fireplace burst to life the other day. And, well, her “What the […]

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