BBQ Round-Up – Get out the stretchy pants!

The virtual BBQ party has left me with enough recipes and ideas to make it through every BBQ that crops up this summer. Seriously – you guys are amazing! Check out the goodies everyone brought! Oh, I love it! The food filled many a virtual picnic table, although I think I’ll have to stay seated […]

Gluten Free: Making Lace Cookies

Gluten Free: Making Lace Cookies, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. I’m in the midst of family-loving. And my labrador is going to sleep well tonight! Not only are there 8 people here to love him, but he swam in the ocean, ran on the sandy beach dunes, chased the sea gulls and then had a […]

XXX – GF BBQ Treats!

XXX Powdered Sugar Cookies – Gluten Free, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Bwahaha. No worries. These treats are kid-approved and not obscene at all. They are NOT the naked man cookies. And even those are kid-okay. Promise. Well…wait…that all depends on your cookie cutters. But I’m NOT going there. And MY cookie cutters are good […]

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