Gluten Free Grasshopper Cupcakes: Mint-Chocolate & Chocolate Chip

A couple months ago, a colleague brought me some small gluten free cupcakes from a local bakery.  They were “grasshopper” cupcakes, she told me.  I was curious.  She handed me the box and smiled.  Said because they were gluten free, she snapped them up as she “knew someone” who could enjoy them.  I’m the lucky […]

BBQ Round-Up – Get out the stretchy pants!

The virtual BBQ party has left me with enough recipes and ideas to make it through every BBQ that crops up this summer. Seriously – you guys are amazing! Check out the goodies everyone brought! Oh, I love it! The food filled many a virtual picnic table, although I think I’ll have to stay seated […]

GF: Pineapple Dessert

A fun, last minute cooking party with sweet Gaby and Mohammed sent us running for the showers after a day of errand running. Then I found myself packing the oddest bunch of items into a grocery bag. I don’t think we quite brought over our fair share. I tend to lose myself a bit. Gaby, […]

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