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An Easter Basket for the Chicklet

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A nearly Wordless Wednesday.

Still no set date for the arrival of the Chicklet and OH MAN is *this* the hardest part for us. Falling in love with a little girl who is so far away and then helplessly waiting. It’s absolutely heavy-heart time around here.

So yesterday I got her an Easter basket. (Okay… I probably picked it up for me as a “pick-up-your-heart and keep-moving” momento.)

The dog checked it out with a loving sniffle too. 

Max meets the Chicklet's basket


And yes, the sewing machine is still up.  (Aren’t you proud, Mom?)  I have a growth chart that I’m trying to figure out how to make.  (Appliqué, anyone?  Ay!  Making the pattern part is killing me!)

~Happy Wednesday all –