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Breakfast anyone?

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Breakfast anyone?, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Saturday I’ve been invited to a “Brunch with the Ladies”  by a tender-hearted, lovely colleague.  I actually thought the brunch was a “bring-your-loved-one” event and had convinced My Love that he should go.  After all, my friend is newly married and her husband and mine have a few things in common.  AND they enjoy each other’s company.    On Monday, I stopped her in the hallway to tell her that the invitation had arrived and that *we* were looking forward to going and then she looked befuddled.  She asked, “Kate, didn’t you see the invite said “Brunch for the Ladies”?”  Ay ay ay.  Needless to say my Love is delighted to have the house to himself (well, and the dog) for the morning on Saturday.

The next part of our conversation about brunch was predictable and lovely, really. I offered to bring something and she said not to worry.  However, she did wish to clarify about what I could/could not eat.  And maybe I could bring something to share that was gluten free?  Then she told me that she was making scrambled eggs and would have tons of cut fruits, etc.  I told her that it sounded like she had a great start on a gluten free breakfast already.  She was thrilled.

Don’t get me wrong.  I *am* bringing some arepas and a tortilla patata on Saturday.  It *is* the polite thing to do, after all.  I think there will be many people there and every little bit helps.  I know we haven’t been throwing parties or dining out in order to save some money for when the Chicklet arrives and it’s always a good idea to save a little money any way.

It’s nice to be bringing something because I’m contributing to the party and festivities rather than just covering my boot to make sure that I can eat something too.  Sometimes that is the hard part when dining with friends.  My family usually gets it.  It’s meeting new friends and going out with people that stresses me out.  I *hate* the fact that I have to push myself to request specific types of places to eat (because I know it will be easier for me to find something on the menu), especially when eating with new friends.

When I started thinking about brunch, I knew the typical foods that I would find:  eggs (probably a quiche… it’s a party for women, after all), fresh fruit, ham or sausage or bacon, toast and juice/coffee.  Beyond that… I was hoping NOT to find a large buffet table filled with croissants and danishes.  Not because of my gluten-free diet, but because of my Oh-My-God-I’m-Going-To-Be-40 diet.  I think I’m safe though.  Something tells me my friend is more likely to have a spread of yogurt rather than that.  However, I do think someone will impishly bring some baked goods to share. LOL

But you know what?  I don’t think I miss them any more.

See that picture above?  That’s what My Love made for our breakfast on Sunday.  And it was perfect.  The little bowl off to the right is filled with cut strawberries (no sugar) so when I finished the ones on my plate, there were more goodies to be had.  Breakfast consisted of one egg, one slice of ham (cut in two), a bit of mashed avocado with a couple chips  and the cut strawberries.

And the presentation?  Oh yea, that’s all him.  And NOT for a photo but just because he likes too.  (Don’t tell him I told you this, but my Love even folds the edges of the toilet paper when he puts on a new roll – especially in the guest bathroom.  He’s a gem, I tell you.) You’ll know when I plate the food for the photo.  It will look like something off a diner menu but it will still taste good!  LOL

I started thinking about all the typical breakfast/brunch foods that can even be found on a menu and then realized how well we’ve adapted our lives and eating to be gluten free.  A gal on the adoption forums was asking me how to start, where to start, etc.  She was most worried about breakfast and lunch.  Thanks to your help, breakfast during the week when I have little or no time, is not such a big deal any more.  I make granola cereal or bars to grab and go.  Sometimes I make a yogurt, granola and fresh fruit parfait the night before for me to take to eat before school.  (I do think especially when I’ve stopped at the coffee shop the day before and seen the yummy looking, but not-gluten free parfaits all lined up.)

It’s on the weekends that breakfast and brunch can really shine.  Gluten free crepes, pancakes, tortilla patata (Spanish egg/potato frittata-like dish), etc are all within reach and rather quick to make.  I’m hoping these things are loved by our Chicklet too when she gets here.  I’m thinking she and I are going to be the yogurt and parfait-loving girls while my Love scours the fridge for some kind of meat to eat with his breakfast.  (Do you have a carnivore in your life too?)

So here’s to Brunch with the Girls.  (“Ladies” just makes me feel *OLD*!)  May I seamlessly slip in and enjoy the morning with the gals and NOT have to discuss dietary requirements.

Ah.  It will be like I’m one of the “normal” eaters.  LOL
(If there *IS* such a thing.  Really.  Have you seen the stuff people eat?  I’m kidding!)

Have you been to a gathering – with a food theme – and found a way to blend in without feeling insecure or awkward?
How did you do it?
What’s your secret?

That’s my goal for Saturday:  Blend in and NOT feeling hyper-aware of what I’m “missing”.
Because really?  The only thing I’m “missing” by NOT eating gluten or cross-contacted foods?
Getting sick!  And who would MISS that?
Not me!
I think this is definitely a skill that we either (1) have before going gluten-free or (2) have to develop after knowing that we *must* be gluten free. I’m at almost-9-years of “study and practice* with this skill.  It sure is something I work on too.  I know I appreciated the social tips I heard from others before me too.
What are your tips for someone just starting out?
Or heck – for me!  I’ve still got my training wheels on here!
Happy Brunches, Lunches, and Time with Friends –