Family Photos and an offer for YOU from Kodak

I love taking pictures. I am certainly not a pro, but for every 500 photos I take, one does turn out nicely.  😀 There are so many bloggers now than what used to be about.  And their blogs are gorgeous.  Really.  The photography, the design of their “theme” (what the blog looks like), etc.  I […]

Longing to be with them…

Longing to be with them…, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Well, my in-laws have left and my family is far away. The house that held 8 people and my pup is now just filled with the pup and us again. Poor guy. He’s so bored with just me around the house! When we were on […]

My love and the pup

My love and the pup, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Sorry for the lack of posts as of late…. I’m enjoying vacation with my in-laws (and hoping my family is having a wonderful vacation and 4th as well). While we’ve been eating (TOO much), I haven’t had a moment to take a picture – let […]

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