Gluten Free Banana Bread…Whole Grain, NO saturated fat!

Gluten Free Whole Grain, Saturate Fat-Free Banana Bread Photo by Kate Chan The other day at the market I picked up some bananas.  (Thrilling tidbit, I know.)  The deal was too good to resist:  39 cents/pound for ORGANIC bananas.  Say what?  I took a double-look to make sure I had read that right.  And yes, […]

Gluten-Free: Sun-dried Tomato Sandwich Bread

On Sunday afternoon, I made this great sandwich bread. I tend to make bread on Sundays so that I can have sandwiches for lunch the first few days of the week. It makes for an easy lunch to pack and quite honestly, I really enjoy a good sandwich. Maybe that is what I missed the […]

GF: Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches

Sometimes I wonder what the big life plan is for us as individuals. Don’t we all? Before I was lucky enough to have met my love, I went on a few noteworthy (in the incredibly hilarious sense) dates. I decided in the midst of these dates that there *really* should be a huge map of […]

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