Help Wanted: Eating GF more wisely, cheaply and saving time. Got tips?

I bet you think I’ve fallen into a large hole around here and have lost internet access, huh? Well, I have, kind of. School started.  Just last year I had 135 students a day (5 classes/high school) and this year?  Oh no… this year I see 171 students (same five classes) and it’s A LOT. […]

Gluten Free Granola – Vanilla-Maple Granola

Gluten Free Granola –, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. So we are snowbound. Something rather unusual for where I live in the Pacific Northwest. A few years ago when we moved here from Chicago, we lived with my sister and her family until we found our own place to be. One morning (on a school […]

GF: Peanut Butter Granola Bar

Okay… I had no idea the email that would ensue after the mere mention of granola bars in my kitchen. Really. Mark me clueless. However, I probably shouldn’t have been. I searched far and wide for a granola bar that met my gluten-free lifestyle to no avail for many years. Granted I have now fallen […]

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