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GF: Korean BBQ Short Ribs

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GF: Korean BBQ Short Ribs, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Believe it or not, you have more to worry about that just soy sauce with wheat when you consider eating out at a Korean restaurant. Many Korean dishes also contain “mool yut” – or a Korean Malt Syrup (barley malt).

It’s easier to make the BBQ goodies at home.
And this one is for you, Ginger.
I only wish we could have eaten it together!

This recipe requires time. Marinating time. And skipping this makes for a rather tasteless BBQ. We marinated for two nights – because we opted for some fresh salmon instead. However, marinating overnight is really all that is necessary.

As far as the choice of meat goes, chose bone in short ribs, sliced thinly lengthwise or boneless short ribs. (We used the boneless ones as they were the same price (believe it or not) as the others and looked to be less fatty.)

I imagine my Love and I will be learning much more about Korean food and culture in the future – especially the next few years!
(And quite honestly, we can’t wait!)

So here’s dinner recipe for Ginger.. and our future.

Gluten Free Korean BBQ Short Ribs
1 pound boneless short ribs (or 1 1/2 pounds bone-in short ribs cut lengthwise)

For the marinade:
1/2 cup gluten-free soy sauce
1/4 cup mirin or sweet Sherry (we used the Sherry)
2 Tablespoons seasoned rice vinegar (or apple cider vinegar)
5 cloves of garlic, minced
2 tablespoons minced fresh ginger
1 shallot minced or 1/2 cup minced sweet onion
3 Tablespoons sesame oil
1/4 – 1/3 cup brown sugar (adjust to taste)
2 teaspoons red pepper flakes
salt/pepper to taste

For serving:
Red or green leaf lettuce
gluten-free miso bean paste
a shaved green salad tossed with green onion slices and a vinaigrette


  1. Soak short ribs in cold water for one hour.  Drain and pat dry.
  2. Cut meat into small portions – about 3″ long.
  3. Mix together marinade ingredients – adjust sweetness to taste with the brown sugar.  Place ribs along with the marinade in a large Ziploc or airtight bag and seal well.  Lay the bag in a bowl and place in the refrigerator.  Marinate overnight (at a minimum 6 hours) for best results turning the bag occassionally.
  4. Preheat your grill.  (NOTE:  We used a veggie grill pan so the pieces wouldn’t fall through the grill into the fire.  Just spritz the grill pan with olive oil lightly and heat the grill pan with the grill.)
  5. Once the grill is hot (medium-high heat), grill your meat.  Grill until tender and slightly crispy edges. (Oh,yea… that’s my Love’s favorite part!)

Serve with: Red (or green) leaf lettuce and gluten-free miso bean paste.

To eat: Take a leaf of lettuce and add a dab (pea-sized) miso.  Spread the miso and then add the meat.  (You can also add a bit of the shaved salad.)  Fold the lettuce around the meat and bite in!  (Wrap it like a mini-leaf burrito.  Each wrapped piece of meat should be about 1-2 bites in size.)

Happy BBQing!


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