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What’s for dinner at your house tonight?

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GF Dinner….what are you having?, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

We’re having a little backyard grill-fest.
A couple lamb chops and corn on the cob…. all infused with some fresh rosemary smoke.
And perfectly gluten-free, of course.

Oh yum.

My love seasoned the lamb chops with cumin, black pepper, sea salt and paprika while I shucked the corn outside. Since corn is starchy, we certainly didn’t add any more carbs to the meal, but the infusion of rosemary smoke was a wonderful touch to both the corn and the meat. And it was easy – I just walked out to the front of the house and clipped off a few of the stalks. (No worries, that plant could seriously use the trimming… and it survives my non-gardening thumb VERY well!)

What did you have for dinner tonight?
I’m curious to know!

Happy Gluten-Free eating!