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The loss of a loyal friend

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Max riding in the car, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Our sweet and loving first ‘baby” has passed away. At the young age of seven, Max became suddenly ill and there was nothing we could do to save him.

Our loyal, intelligent and comfort-loving pup will be sorely missed.

Thus the absence of posts as of late.

Life just isn’t the same without the happy greetings with toys at the doors, snacking underfoot while cooking and lounging in the sunshine.

It’s going to be a bit of an adjustment for us. We moved in to our first house (this one) and two weeks later, Max came to live with us too. We’d only been married a short while and it was our first chance to have a friend like Max. We enjoyed FlyBall, agility classes, bringing him to work/school, and having an all-around companion for life. He loved Zoe, and would run with us when he would hear her cries through the baby monitor.

Oh! He is missed!!!