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Welcome to the world, Baby Rory!

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Rory!, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

This is probably the second most difficult post I have ever written. The first announced the arrival of the Chicklet via an open letter to her from her Baba and I. This is difficult only because the wait was hard, the work to bring little Rory forth into life was one that demanded enduring patience, faith and strength. And she is finally here for us to love, hold, and get to know. .

Oh! My eyes fill with tears of joy when I think of both of my girls. I see them now – each napping next to the other. The big sister laying next to the little sister – the Chicklet mimicking the Peanut’s pose in sleep (complete with Big Sister boppy pillow). She so desperately wants to play and share her toys with her new little buddy. Now begins Zoe’s test of patience and endurance as it will be a while before Rory is up to a good round of TinkerToy building, I think.

Success!  She's here!

Success! She’s here!

Rory’s arrival came on Friday, July 16th at 11:29PM…. after 40 hours of hoping via labor that she would arrive, the doctor informed me that she would be coming via c-section. Not exactly what I had hoped, but to be honest, I knew better than to “plan” anything but just go with the flow. After 40 hours, my Love and I were just ready to meet this baby. (And I was *SO* ready to be able to get out of bed! NOT like that happened right away…but I was asking to get out of bed the next morning even before feeling had completely returned to my toes. LOL!) (And for those of you into baby stats, Ms. Rory arrived weighing 6 pounds, 3 ounces; 19 inches.)

We have been lucky to have had family from Chicago (my Love’s parents, sister, 3 nieces (ages 7 and two 1 year old twins), a nephew (age 3), my sister Alice (sister of the heart, for sure!) and her 96 year old mother) and my parents too. Everyone has met, loved, and fallen head-over-heels for the newest member of the family. And of course, we are enamored too.

While she may have a 1:22 chance of having or developing Celiac Sprue in her lifetime, she is completely 1 in a million (or more) for us.

More when I’m awake……. don’t worry – I have some more baking/cooking recipes to come. Even though I’m not up and about yet, I have a few that I made before the babe made her appearance…. so never fear! Good gluten-free food is always here!

Happy Gluten Free Summer Days to ALL!
~Kate & Family