The Soup That Was: A GF Speedy Potato Soup

No photo for the soup today. Seems the battery was dead on the only camera within reach when the soup was done. AND… if there is one thing I have learned with TWO little ones at home it is this: Eat when you can because someone is bound to need something as soon as the […]

GF Tortilla Soup

GF Tortilla Soup, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Sorry for the blogging lags, everyone. I really do have things to share… just not a lot of computer time to share them! And forgive the photo… it was taking without much broth so you could see the ingredients and with a HUNGRY HUNGRY HIPPO begging for […]

Salmon Chowder – Gluten free, of course

Salmon Chowder – Gluten free, of course, originally uploaded by Kate Chan. Okay, so photos of chowder are not the easiest. I’m sad to report that this photo does not do justice to the chowder. Because OH MAN. It hit the spot tonight! I started making salmon and fish chowders a few years ago… and […]

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