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Oh so good! Hansen’s Natural

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Oh so good!, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Oh, I know you know all about Hansen’s natural (and GLUTEN FREE) sodas – like Blue Sky Cola, Grapefruit, etc. (Just to name a couple of our favorites….)

But did you know that Hansen’s has a line (well… two flavors anyway) of sparkling water?

And OH MY – it is good!

You see, my love and I are working on getting rid of health things – like lowering our cholesterol, along with losing weight, building our energy to match that incoming baby, etc. So, we’ve joined a gym (3-4 times a week attenders, too!), started keeping track with meal plans (Thank you GF Menu Swappers for getting me more organized) and now? Now we’re kicking the soda habit. (Me: Diet Coke; Him: Coke)

So, since we still love the carbonated beverage as a refreshing choice, we have moved on. No more soda in this house. Instead we are stocking the shelves with club soda for fresh fruit Italian Sodas and sparkling waters.

And I just had to tell you:

This Hansen’s natural sparkling water is now my new favorite treat.

One can = 90 calories. (Easy to work off… requires no Step Classes from hell),

It has no preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup (Thank you, Ginger!), no artificial flavors, no caffeine, no sodium….. and it’s dang tasty!

Okay.. unpaid endorsement/advertisement over.

I’m really writing for your weight loss tips.
What works for you?

School starts again soon (ACK!) and I have a million 10th grade books left to read (they keep making me fall asleep….not good). I don’t want to worry about my routine once the craziness of the 150 ping-pong balls kids hits me full force.

I’d really love to hear your tips and tricks for staying organized and healthy during the school year!
Happy kicking the habit to all!

PS. I’m putting a list together of school lunch ideas to post soon. Tips for those would also be greatly appreciated.