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Running away on Valentine’s Day

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Running away on Valentine’s Day, originally uploaded by Kate Chan.

Okay… it’s finally happening! My Love, the Chicket and i are taking off for a night away from home. First time in AGES that we are leaving the house for an overnight.

Our destination: Portland, Oregon!

A little shopping, visiting with friends we haven’t seen in ages, celebrating Lunar New Year, and checking out some few parts of Portland that we haven’t seen yet.

So…. here’s the question: I know where to get some KILLER gluten free fried cheese curds (don’t ask.. just eat them with JOY!) and some GREAT gluten free fish/chips… BUT…. come on people: What else is out there for me to enjoy in Portland?

Got a Portland Gluten Free tip for me?
Hit me up in the comments section!

I’m packing the camera and looking for gluten free adventure!
What would you do or where would you go for a Gluten Free Valentine’s Dinner in Portland? Or a Gluten free brunch/lunch the day after?

THANKS for your help!
I’m so excited to have this adventure with my family.

Gesssh… ya think I have mid-winter cabin fever yet?


PS.  We are staying in the Pearl District, if that helps.  The hotel will give us free streetcar tickets for the two days we are in town and free parking (!Yeah on the free parking!).  What adventure should we have with the Chicklet?  Any suggestions for that too?